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I am a legal conference producer with the Canadian Institute. Previously, I practiced commercial litigation with the firm of Berkow, Cohen LLP in Toronto, following a judicial clerkship at the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto, Canada. I graduated from Osgoode Hall School of Law. If anyone is interested in reading more about my years at Osgoode, please click here.

From 1983 to 1998 (except while at law school), I operated my own freelance writing and research business in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Over the years, I've written for magazines, newspapers and many of Canada's largest corporations; done research for television, private companies and for Vanity Fair, written software documentation, and read film and television scripts for producers. I've done all kinds of projects, but I'm particularly known for financial writing. Here are selected lists of my clients and publication credits.

I also chaired the Freedom of Expression Committee of the Book and Periodical Council, was a member for two years of PWAC's Copyright Defence Committee, and was one of the judges of Project Censored Canada in 1996. One of my projects was a booklet called "When the Censor Comes," designed for booksellers, teachers and librarians.

In my spare time, I like to scuba dive in tropical waters, take shark underwater photos (here is one I took in 1996 on Flinders Reef in Australia), travel, cook overelaborate dinner parties, hunt for wild mushrooms, go to auctions, and read Harper's or anything by Carl Hiaasen. Here are a few more of my photos (all © Sandra Bernstein 1999-2002; all rights reserved): grouper in Provo; sea fan, Australia; divers and orange sponge, Cozumel; corallimorph (I think), Fiji; bluebell tunicates, Bay Islands, Honduras; nurse shark, Belize; florida corallimorph, Dominica; diver, Belize; flying gurnard, Statia; coral, Dominica night dive; blackspotted puffer fish, Australia; pillar coral, Saba; two fish, Grand Cayman; blackbar soldierfish, Dominica; banded coral shrimp, Dominica. Here are a few snaps from my 2002 trip to Cayman Brac.

One of my dreams is to visit the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City, CA. Please consider becoming a member today!

My favourite kinds of music are Latin, jazz, almost anything by David Byrne, and show tunes, especially those to which I can practice my tap dancing. More recently I have been learning the Lindy hop. I also like to paddle my kayak on Lake Ontario and go kayaking on in the Bay of Fundy.

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